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October 2016 Archives

What do you need to know about holiday drunk driving?

One of the most joyous times of the year is also one of the most dangerous for families in Las Vegas and elsewhere. The holiday season can turn tragic for those who are harmed by drunk drivers. For this reason, law enforcement and community programs are reaching out to raise awareness of the effects of drunk driving and to hopefully keep your family and others safe during this holiday season.

Verdict in Google, Oracle trial does not mean end of case

The decision to appeal a jury verdict in a civil trial is often a complicated one, especially when it comes after a lengthy court battle or involves complex technology or terminology. In such cases, it is possible that circumstances would permit the filing of an appeal. Appealing a verdict can add yet more length and expense to an already exhausting dispute; however, when the stakes are high and potentially involve a significant amount of money, an appeal may be worth the time and effort for Las Vegas businesses.

What should you know about space heater safety?

Once the weather starts getting colder, a great deal of attention is placed on heating safety, particularly regarding electricity, heaters and fireplaces. Even in Las Vegas, where it rarely gets too cold during the winter, you might want to heat up a room or two with a space heater. When used properly, space heaters can be an effective way to heat a small area without having to run up your heating bill. However, if defective or used incorrectly, some space heaters may significantly increase your risk of burns or fire.

LV employers’ responsibilities for workplace safety

In recent posts, we have discussed what might happen if property owners are negligent in keeping premises safe and a customer is injured as a result. Liability issues may occur on the job site, as well. Anyone can suffer injuries from virtually any type of industry, from office work to road construction. At Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we understand that it is vital for you, as a Las Vegas employer, to provide a safe workplace.

LV high school student injured by school official

When parents in Southern Nevada send their children to school, they have every right to expect that their young ones will be in a safe and secure environment. However, it is common knowledge that sometimes violence happens at school, whether due to students getting into a fight or a hostile outsider entering the grounds and posing a threat. These are valid reasons why law enforcement officers have been employed in many schools in Las Vegas and across the nation to keep students safe.

Vegas employers should provide harassment-free workplace

It is important for business owners and managers to provide a workplace environment that is professional, safe and comfortable for employees. Being subjected to discrimination and harassment not only causes a contentious or unhappy work environment, but can also open the door to employment litigation. Las Vegas is known for the hospitality and entertainment industries. What happens in Vegas may invite tourists by the millions, but could also potentially subject residents to sexual harassment on the job.

Is a safe and clean parking lot important for businesses?

Property owners in Las Vegas and elsewhere have a responsibility to keep their premises safe. They should ensure that equipment, walking surfaces and other areas where visitors come into contact with are in good repair. Whether you are a resident at an apartment complex or a customer at a shopping mall, you have the right to expect that these places will be reasonably safe.

Addressing negative customer statements on review sites

Last week’s post discussed the ways in which libel and slander can hurt your business. To recap, these involve someone who might defame your company by making a false statement that others hear or read, which in turn can harm your business. At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we understand that social media and online review sites may allow your business and other Las Vegas companies to be negatively affected by libelous statements. However, before you decide on legal action, you will need to understand the difference between a reviewer who has a legitimate complaint and one who is truly committing libel.

What dangers do your children face during Halloween?

You still have a few weeks left to get ready for Halloween, but it can never be too early to prepare for safety hazards. You may be among the many Las Vegas residents who are now putting together costumes, buying candy and getting your decorations ready to have the best haunted house on the block. It is also time to start thinking about keeping your children safe as they go out trick-or-treating.

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