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December 2016 Archives

What is a patent troll?

Innovation is part of the American way. For centuries, those who came up with new products, ideas and technology have been able to protect their ideas by patenting them against infringement. You might already own the rights to a patent or are considering patenting something you invented. Unfortunately, some inventors and companies in Nevada and other parts of the country might find their dreams shattered by so-called patent trolls.

Patents at center of litigation involving Apple and Nokia

Patents are an important element of innovation and progress. Without them, inventors and companies in Las Vegas and elsewhere would be unable to legally protect their new products, plans and blueprints from infringement. However, patent law may give rise to disputes, if entities disagree over who holds the rights to a patent or who has permission to use the intellectual property.

Man’s criminal case illustrates part of appeal process

As described in previous blog posts, there is a difference between civil and criminal appeals. Civil cases can involve a wide variety of legal matters in which the law was not broken – such as employment, personal injury, property damage and business disputes. Criminal cases occur when someone has committed a crime. In both categories, it may be possible to appeal a verdict in Nevada and other states, based on certain factors.

Understanding how cease and desist letters work

At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we understand that sometimes things may not go as planned for your Las Vegas business. An employee or contractor might violate the terms of a contract, someone might be divulging your trade secrets or you might be the victim of malicious libel or slander. In any of these cases, a cease and desist letter may be useful in getting the harmful behavior to stop without immediately resorting to legal action, which could take valuable time and expense when you would rather focus on running your business.

Misdiagnoses may lead to further medical trouble

During a checkup or when a patient suspects something is wrong, it is crucial to get an accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately, many people in Las Vegas and elsewhere may go weeks or months before their symptoms are properly identified and treated. When the illness is severe, delaying the correct treatment could mean the difference between life and death.

What might be included in a fair social media clause?

In last week’s post, we discussed situations in which you, as a Las Vegas employer, might be able to take legal action against an employee for something he or she said on social media that put your company in a bad light. As you know, many people use some form of social media on a daily basis, either for their personal lives or for professional networking. In most cases, the posts made by your staff would have little bearing on your company’s reputation. However, it might take one unprofessional or inflammatory statement by someone working for you that could influence your customers to go elsewhere.

What penalties might NV drivers face for a hit-and-run?

It might seem like a given for anyone who is involved in an accident to stay at the scene. Unfortunately, many people do not remain at the scene of a crash. If you or other Las Vegas residents are victims of a hit-and-run, you might understandably feel angered and betrayed that the person who hit you did not care enough to stay and make sure you were all right. The problem is such that Nevada lawmakers have added legislation to make penalties for a hit-and-run the strictest in the country.

Employee social media posts: when an employer might take action

Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter have become so engrained in people’s lives that you might not think twice about posting a tweet or status update on something you feel strongly about. However, if you are a business owner, you might not like your employees posting things that could put your company in a poor light. Our team at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., understands that it is important for business owners to know when it is appropriate, and when it is not, to discipline employees when it comes to social media posts.

Bystanders can be victims of construction accidents

You may already be aware that the construction industry can be dangerous for workers in Nevada and across the country. Every day, those in construction face numerous hazards, even when they are properly trained and using the appropriate safety equipment. Unfortunately, construction might also pose dangers for the unsuspecting public. At the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we are aware of the serious mishaps you might encounter simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time near a construction site.

The importance of choosing a strong trademark

Every business in Las Vegas and elsewhere uses trademarks in some form or other. When business owners create a name, logo or commercial catchphrase for their company, they are using a trademark. Once registered, a company’s trademark should be protected from infringement by others. It is important, therefore, to understand the elements that go into choosing a trademark that is solid and not easily copied.

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