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Breach of contract lawsuit filed against Nevada company

With every contract a Nevada business signs, it is putting its reputation and its financial stability on the line. A failure to perform any portion of the agreement could be construed as a breach of contract, and litigation over such a claim could be costly. Companies must ensure that the language of the agreement identifies roles and duties, as well as other factors such as delays, so that there is no question that all their responsibilities have been fulfilled to the letter.

Sweat equity: When partner contributions are hard to quantify

When two business partners in Nevada are facing a parting of ways, getting out of the agreement without losing everything may be challenging. A detailed partnership agreement should include a good exit strategy, the Huffington Post notes, and this could make the difference between business litigation and a successful split. One of the factors that will affect how much each partner is entitled to may be the contributions each made to the company, and this does not necessarily mean how much capital each invested.

Patent trolls may be limited by U.S. Supreme Court ruling

A new idea can be exciting for inventors in Nevada, but discovering there is already a patent for it can destroy hopes of creating a new income source. According to Reuters, patent trolls hold many of these patents but have no actual product. Instead, they make their money by suing inventors who develop a way to turn the idea into a reality, and then accepting a settlement when the defendants find they cannot afford a protracted court battle that often takes place in another state.

What Nevada statutes have to say about deceptive trade practices

When a company lies to consumers in Las Vegas, it may result in damages for those who make the purchases, and the effects can be disastrous for other businesses, too. There are federal laws defining the parameters of this behavior, and Nevada state law also provides details about what constitutes deceptive trade practices.

Forgery claim may ruin art dealer’s career

When an expert in a field impugns the character or skill of another in a public forum, it could cause damages for a Nevada business owner in more than one arena. Just the loss of trust or respect from others within the industry could ruin the company. However, proving that defamation occurred, either through a written or spoken statement, and that it cost actual, physical damages may be challenging for anyone seeking to restore a professional reputation.

What is a breach of fiduciary duty?

As a corporate officer of a company in Las Vegas, you naturally want your business to succeed. It may be that not everyone involved in your corporation is as committed as you are. According to the American Bar Association, if your partners, directors and controlling shareholders do not fulfill their fiduciary duties, you may be able to take them to court to hold them liable. However, proving that there has been a breach of fiduciary duty is not always cut and dried.

Employee surveillance in the workplace

Before you set up your security cameras and other surveillance methods within your company’s facilities in Las Vegas, you need to know whether you may violate an employee’s rights and open yourself up to litigation. We at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., have provided advice to many employers who want to make sure they do not cross any lines when it comes to privacy laws.

Trademark infringement and preliminary injunctions

Your trademark represents what your company offers to consumers, and as such, is tied to their perception of your products and services. The legal team at the Aldrich Law Firm understands that if someone else has developed a similar trademark, or even copied yours, and has used that to confuse customers or destroy your reputation, you have certain legal rights. However, filing a lawsuit is not an overnight fix, and the damage to your company may continue.

Appearance of age discrimination leads to complex litigation

Nevada employers should have the right to hire the workers who they feel are the best fit for the company, and for the specific job in question. However, there are federal discrimination guidelines that may apply to hiring practices which can affect what a hiring manager may look for on an application, and in an interview. It may be that an exhaustive list of preferred characteristics could be perceived as illegal if it seems as if these may block older workers from being chosen.

Can a non-solicitation agreement help me keep my clients?

Your list of clients in Nevada links directly to the success of your bottom line, so you need to keep that compilation of names and contact information secret. If you are making reasonable efforts to maintain the secrecy of this data, and one of your employees leaves your company, you may be protected legally if he or she attempts to contact your clients.

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