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What are the pros and cons of a civil appeal?

If you have been involved in a civil trial that did not end as you had hoped, you may wonder if you can dispute the verdict. Fortunately, the legal system is set up to protect Nevada residents who have suffered unfair trials or verdicts, by allowing them to appeal their trial in certain cases. According to the American Bar Association, the losing side has the right to appeal in a civil case whether they were the plaintiff or the defendant. However, you will usually not be able to appeal a case simply because you were unhappy with the outcome. In most instances, you can appeal if you have a reason to suspect that the trial was in some way erroneous.

ACLU will appeal federal decision favoring Las Vegas hospital

Nevada, like many other states in the country, can face many complicated issues in its endeavors to provide adequate health care services to its residents. When a facility with ties to the state is suspected of mistreating patients, violating their civil rights, or behaving negligently in regards to their medical care, litigation may result. These lawsuits will often involve one or more civil appeals before they reach final resolutions.

Caesars states intention to appeal a federal ruling

Some Las Vegas businesses are able to settle their litigation issues quickly. Many lawsuits, however, can extend for years, particularly if they involve civil appeals. These business lawsuits can be quite different from legal disputes between individuals, as having corporate entities as the plaintiffs and/or defendants can quickly lead to escalated complications of legal issues.

10 dead after FedEx truck collides with bus

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination, and the schools and organizations that plan activities in the city often opt for group transportation to cut expenses and promote bonding. When such high-occupancy vehicles are involved in car crashes, the death and injury toll can be substantial. If the accidents are caused by the negligent actions of a person or company, these parties may find themselves facing personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits.

Las Vegas performer settles civil suit with HSBC

Performing on stage can be a dangerous undertaking, even in well-known establishments such as those found along the Las Vegas Strip. The hotels and casinos that line this street are world-renowned for their music, magic and theatrical shows, but that does not mean that they are immune to lawsuits regarding premises liability and other personal injury claims. If entertainers are injured while on stage at one of these venues, the property owners and other negligent parties may face civil litigation.

Fine line of copyright infringement in magic shows

Magic performances are common in Las Vegas, and many would argue that they are one of the primary reasons tourists visit the city. Because of the high value in these shows, entertainers sometimes go to great lengths to ensure that these performances’ secrets remain secure, often by guarding against intellectual property infringement. When entertainers become aware that their protected work is being used by someone else, they sometimes turn to civil litigation to halt this unlicensed use.

Las Vegas employment suit draws attention from federal agencies

As a city that is home to many corporations with international presences, Las Vegas has its share of high-stakes, acrimonious international business disputes. If the parties involved choose to take legal action against one another, it can lead to years of complex civil litigation claims, and these proceedings can require the disclosure of various kinds of evidence. Sometimes these include confidential business communications regarding strategies and financial information, which can draw unwanted attention from federal agencies.

Las Vegas psychiatric hospital may face class-action suit

As in all major cities, the issue of dealing appropriately with those in need of psychiatric care is a complicated problem for Las Vegas. If psychiatric patients are placed in treatment with a health institution run by the city or state, and are found to have suffered civil rights violation while under this care, the patients and their families may choose to bring civil suits in order to receive compensation for their injuries.

Las Vegas SWAT team's search for suspect leads to civil suit

Most Las Vegas residents trust that their city’s law enforcement officers are properly trained to diffuse difficult situations and apprehend criminal suspects as peacefully as possible. However, sometimes undesirable outcomes can result from officers’ actions in the line of duty; when this happens, civil suits may be filed against law enforcement authorities. These legal matters are separate from the criminal issues from which they may have stemmed, and like any other civil suit may require a civil appeal in order to reach a final resolution.

Appeal in wrongful termination case sits before judge

When someone is involved in a civil suit in Las Vegas, it is important for that person to understand that the process can sometimes be quite complicated. Some legal matters are settled relatively quickly, but others can require filing civil appeals before various courts and commissions, because the parties involved are trying to exhaust all possible legal options.

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