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Posts tagged "premises liability"

Construction industry takes title as most dangerous profession

People who work in the construction workforce may be taken for granted by those who don't know just how dangerous this industry is. Every day, thousands of construction workers in Las Vegas put their lives on the line to improve roadways, construct buildings and perform maintenance work all over the city. There are a multitude of industry standards to protect construction workers from being injured or killed on the job, but sometimes these standards are not enforced for a variety of reasons. Other employees may fail to observe safety rules, or the construction company itself might not educate its workers on the proper way to avoid serious accidents and, consequently, a personal injury lawsuit.

Las Vegas house fire results in 2 child fatalities

Most Las Vegas residents feel safe when they are in their homes. Unfortunately, accidents can and do occur when people are at home, perhaps even when they are asleep in their own beds. If these accidents can be traced to premises liability or other forms of negligence, the parties responsible can be made to pay compensation to those who have been injured, or to the families of those who suffered wrongful deaths.

Circus acrobats fall during performance; 11 injured

Las Vegas is an internationally renowned vacation destination, and the city’s world-class stage performances are a big part of what draws tourists. When audiences attend these shows, they may take for granted all the precautions that are necessary to ensure every performance is safe for both the entertainers and the spectators. If these systems ever fail, they can result in severe injuries and fatalities, often prompting investigations and personal injury lawsuits.

Teen driver cited for role in Las Vegas car crash

Car accidents occur frequently in Las Vegas, as it is a city that boasts large resident and tourist populations. In some instances, these crashes result from poor decision-making by young and inexperienced drivers. When others are hurt as the result of these decisions, the victims of these accidents may opt to file personal injury suits against negligent drivers.

200 gallons of oil left found on Las Vegas roads; origin unknown

When Las Vegas residents are injured as the result of negligence, premises liability or a product defect, they may think they have the right and ability to pursue legal action. While this may be true, some situations are more complicated than others. Personal injury lawsuits are intended to help make victims whole again after they have suffered an injury caused by someone else, but in most cases this requires identifying the most directly negligent party. Who this person or company is may not always be immediately apparent.

Las Vegas authorities investigating food truck accident

Commercial food trucks are quickly becoming all the rage in cities across the country. Las Vegas, a place known for its excellent restaurants and food culture, is no exception. However, the ubiquity of these trucks can raise safety issues, particularly if they are involved in car accidents, as these vehicles are quite a bit larger than a standard compact car. In addition, if a food truck is in a car crash, there may be certain liability issues that arise due to the commercial nature of the vehicle. At the very least, accidents involving these food trucks may lead to civil lawsuits against negligent drivers, including personal injury claims.

Henderson car accident leaves woman dead

When an accident is caused by the negligent actions of a person or company and results in injuries to an innocent person, there are legal remedies available to help victims recover. For example, car accidents often leave victims with mounting medical bills, lost wages, and other financial and emotional damage. These innocent bystanders have the right to pursue personal injury claims against the negligent parties that were responsible for these injuries.

Man says spinal cord injury is due to hospital fall, jury agrees

Property owners in Las Vegas have an obligation to maintain their premises and keep it free of hazards that could lead to injury of some kind. When they put patrons in harm’s way, they could face civil litigation to address personal injury and premises liability claims.

Backyard pools responsible for majority of child drowning

Before people begin enjoying their pools this summer, they should take the time to make sure that they have taken proper safety precautions to protect children on their property. It could not only protect them from a potential personal injury or premises liability suit, it could also save a life.

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