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Posts tagged "unfair competition"

Commercial litigation against Coca-Cola moves forward

Las Vegas businesses must operate in accordance with all relevant state and federal laws and regulations. Sometimes the intersection of two or more statutes can lead to technical legal issues, and in many instances the survival of a lawsuit depends on how courts interpret the interaction of those laws.

Las Vegas' GeoMetWatch sues USU for intellectual property theft

Intellectual property is an important aspect of many Las Vegas businesses. The protection of this valuable information is closely guarded by management and executives, and corporate contracts will usually include provisions that help ensure confidential documents are not compromised. When companies suspect that their intellectual property has been stolen, they may choose to uphold their rights through contract litigation.

GM first carmaker to have safety issues overseen by government

Las Vegas residents trust their safety to the vehicles around them on a daily basis; they drive, ride in public transportation, and navigate around cars as they walk along roadways. Because of this, a great deal of pressure is placed on car manufacturers to ensure that their vehicles are safe for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. When this trust is breached, these companies can face federal fines, severe court-ordered punishments, business litigation and criminal lawsuits.

Employment litigation plaintiff wants to see tech giants in court

Many Las Vegas companies have faced business litigation at some point in their histories. Such lawsuits can be very burdensome for corporations, as they divert resources away from the everyday needs of the business. Often, the parties involved prefer to shorten the amount of time needed to resolve the issue by opting for a settlement instead of a trial. However, if settlement talks break down or the proposed amount is considered too paltry, plaintiffs may abandon these negotiation efforts and choose to pursue their claims in court.

Google, Apple, Intel, Adobe embroiled in employment litigation

Large companies often find themselves facing various types of business litigation, and those headquartered in Las Vegas are no exception. Regardless of whether these claims have merit, a court case can sometimes be damaging to the company’s public image because of the evidence that can come to light during a trial. When workers decide to pursue employment litigation against their current or former employers, the companies may choose to settle these claims rather than have them aired in court.

Google/Viacom settlement may illustrate future of IP disputes

Intellectual property laws are struggling to keep up pace with the mercurial nature of information on the Internet. In many instances, conventional attitudes toward patents, trademarks and copyrights do not seem to fit well with the new ways that Internet technology and businesses intersect. For this reason, Las Vegas companies may begin to see the need to take a more conciliatory view toward intellectual property rights, rather than constantly initiating business litigation.

Understanding the enforceability of non-compete agreements

The need to hire and retain strong-performing employees is legitimate for Las Vegas area employers. The right workforce directly contributes to the success of a company. Similarly, problems with employees—either current or former—can negatively impact a company’s success. Such problems range dramatically and can relate to a contract dispute, unfair competition, fraud and more. Employer representation in employee complaints like these is important to protect the company’s ability to conduct its business.
Many employers request that some employees sign non-compete agreements. These contracts are intended to prevent an employee from going into direct, unfair competition with a company after leaving employment there. While the goal of these documents is to protect employers, many times such agreements are not upheld by courts. A recent news article provided guidance to companies to increase the rate of enforcement.

Tech giants take aim at patent-licensing firms

Nevada is home to a number of companies with presence in the national and global markets. Sometimes, these businesses become involved in complex legal issues with major companies, who are pursuing legal strategies that are part of a larger corporate goal. This type of commercial litigation can often be quite complicated, and may take several years to fully resolve.

Non-profit sues loan mod companies for fraud against homeowners

The economic downturn a few years ago left many Las Vegas homeowners overextended and on the brink of foreclosure. Loan modification companies assisted those individuals by renegotiating the terms of their mortgages so that the property owner could stay in their home. However, a plethora of deceptive companies also popped up aiming to take advantage of individuals who were desperate to save their homes.

Company sues similarly named business for trademark infringement

In today’s marketplace, having a name that is easily recognizable and that stands apart from the crowd is important for businesses in Las Vegas. When a competitor comes along with a name that is too similar to yours, real problems can be created because your customers may confuse your competition with you.

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